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User research & product discovery

At the beginning of a project, you might have an idea of what you want to achieve but need help figuring out how get there. Research and analysis help you get straight to the heart of your user and stakeholder needs, providing the fundamental principles for better products and services.

Great service design rests on an in-depth understanding of what people using a service need through research and analysis. Suru partners can help you banish assumptions and start asking the right questions to get the right answers through our roadmapping process.

What do you get from this?

  • Clear product direction so you don’t waste money building the wrong thing

  • Effective criteria to understand what success looks like

  • Consensus amongst your key stakeholders

  • A product that will work for your desired user

  • Clear roadmap and next steps

  • Increase in user satisfaction

Suru is a reliable partner leading us through digital transformation. This process has been well thought out, sensitive to budgetary constraints, well communicated, inclusive and — importantly — has included all key internal stakeholders.

Stephen Jones, Chief Operating Officer - LEAF

Fast-track your requirements gathering

Our roadmapping process is an efficient way of engaging stakeholders and defining the scope of a project without months of research and design.


Learn & understand

During this step, we gather direct insights from stakeholders and understand the shortcomings of existing systems and technology. This leads to the analysis of gaps in process and user experience which we combine to bring a clear understanding of the current landscape and desired future.


Prioritise & define

We prioritise the most important problems the organisation or users face based on the outcomes of the stakeholder engagement. This step is where we consider other commercial aspects such as return on investment and charitable objectives, resulting in a clear understanding of the outcomes of the project.


Ideate & design

This step engages our creative and engineering disciplines to problem solve, design and architect alongside our clients, whilst keeping the outcomes of the project in sharp relief.


Prototype & test

During this phase we take the output of the design phase and test the creative decisions with the purpose of ensuring the new systems and processes are fit for purpose, robust and meet the desired outcomes of the project.

What you risk when neglecting user research

Wasted money and development time

Skipping user research can lead to wasted time and money on development. By assuming without validation, you risk encountering problems during user testing or after launch. These issues may arise from incorrect assumptions, confusing features, or unnecessary rework.

Poor User Experience

User research helps uncover insights about user behaviours, pain points, and expectations. Without this understanding, there is a higher chance of delivering a subpar user experience. This can lead to frustrated users, increased customer churn, and negative word-of-mouth, damaging your reputation.

Increased Risk of Failure

Lack of user validation and feedback during the development process can result in products that are misaligned with user expectations, have usability issues, or lack necessary features. This increases the likelihood of product rejection by your staff or volunteers and can lead to financial losses for the organisation.

Tools we use

Our team employs a range of methodologies and tools to gather valuable data and insights, ensuring that your product meets the expectations of your users.

Event storming
Event storming

A collaborative workshop technique that enables cross-functional teams to visualise and understand complex business processes by focusing on domain events and their interactions.

User interviews and surveys
User interviews and surveys

Research methods used to gather valuable insights and feedback directly from individuals to inform product development and improve user experiences.

Journey mapping
Journey mapping

A visual representation of a user's end-to-end experience, illustrating their interactions and pain points, to identify opportunities for improvement and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Usability testing
Usability testing

A method of evaluating a product or system by observing real users performing tasks to identify usability issues and improve the overall user experience.

Competitive analysis
Competitive analysis

A process of examining and evaluating competitors' strengths, weaknesses, strategies, and offerings to gain insights and enhance a company's own competitive advantage.

User Stories
User Stories

Concise, user-centered descriptions that capture the needs, goals, and desired outcomes of users, serving as a foundation for agile development and effective communication within cross-functional teams.

Risk profiling
Risk profiling

A process of assessing an individual's or organisation's risk tolerance, preferences, and financial circumstances to determine suitable investment strategies and manage potential risks.

SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis

A strategic planning tool that assesses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a business or project to identify key areas for improvement and capitalise on advantages in the competitive landscape.

Risk analysis
Risk analysis

A systematic examination and evaluation of potential hazards, uncertainties, and their potential impact on a project, business, or decision-making process to make informed choices and mitigate adverse outcomes.

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