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App & digital service development

Whether it's an interactive app to deliver services to end users, a global enterprise management platform or something in between, our multidisciplinary teams design, develop and deploy tailored applications for even the most complex scenarios.

We help forward-looking nonprofits digitise their services, modernise legacy platforms and bring new products to life.

How we can help

Donations & Fundraising
Donations & Fundraising

Improving your donation and fundraising tools can yield an immediate return on investment. We work closely with our clients to analyse improvements and optimisations that can be made to develop new systems to support your donor journeys. This includes bespoke development of systems tailored to your organisation as well as integrating with the most popular donation and fundraising platforms.

Business Process Tools
Business Process Tools

The services you offer are unique and the systems to support them should be too. We work with our clients to deeply understand your business processes and produce systems that support these rather than hinder them. So many organisations are held back by poorly fitting technology, finding the right digital partner to help you in this is vital to realising the advances that technology can bring to your service offerings.


Charity finance comes with a host of unique challenges, from Gift Aid to donor matching. Commercial finance tools often fall short of the requirements for charities and result in long and arduous manual processes that are costly and can impact on your donors. We work with charities to develop and integrate the right tools to meet the needs of charities in the 21st century.

Rapid prototyping & idea evaluation
Rapid prototyping & idea evaluation

Charity resources are limited. Making sure that you are developing systems and technology that is going to be effective is vital to stop financial waste. Suru Partners have well developed practices to ensure that we test and prototype ideas before committing to building new applications and services. We do this through rapid prototyping and user evaluation to ensure that your resources go as far as possible.

System Architecture
System Architecture

Modern system architecture is a complex world. When overlooked it leads to short system lifespans and interdependent systems. We work with our clients to plan, discuss and design in partnership with your IT teams and executives to ensure your system architecture is supporting your organisation rather than hampering its growth.

UX and UI Design
UX and UI Design

Donors and recipients expect a good level of usability when it comes to interacting with your organisation. We understand this and place a high importance on the user experience design of all of our systems. This diligence ensures that your digital tools increase your impact.

We started with a set of assumptions but Suru’s process reduced our risk by highlighting considerations that weren’t apparent to us. Without them, we couldn’t have developed something that our teams are so positive about and that's attracted praise from the Charity Commission and others.

Mark Cook, Director of Operations - UBS

Technical Services

Test-driven development

Suru design custom applications and digital services for charities and organisations that will provide you with tailored platforms and systems that drive innovation and optimisation for your work.

Cloud architecture

We understand that donors are the lifeblood of charities and it is important that their experience with your organisation is as positive as possible. We design and curate tailored digital donor journeys to make your donor relationships as good as the work you do.

Microservice design

The work for charities is complex and varied. We work closely with our clients to understand every aspect to design, build and embed tools that optimise your working processes. Our aim is to make organisations as efficient as possible through the use of technology to maximise your impact.

Our app & digital service development process

Our digital experience design and development process results in truly engaging digital platforms which are rooted in your organisation’s vision.


Project Discovery and Planning

During this initial phase, the focus is on understanding your organisation’s vision and goals. This involves detailed discussions with you and your stakeholders to identify specific requirements and target audiences. Based on this information, we’ll develop a clear project scope, outlining the objectives and deliverables. A timeline is established, allocating resources effectively to ensure a smooth development process.


User Research

Understanding the end-users is vital for creating a successful digital experience. Through user interviews, surveys, and usability testing, valuable insights are gathered to learn about their preferences, needs, and pain points.


Information Architecture

Creating a well-organised structure for the digital experience is crucial for user navigation and engagement. In this phase we will map user journeys and evaluate content structures and hierarchy. Navigation paths are then carefully planned to ensure easy access to essential information and services for all audiences.


Wireframing and Prototyping

At this stage, low-fidelity wireframes are developed to provide a blueprint of the digital experience's layout and basic functionality. These wireframes serve as a foundation for the user interface (UI) design and interaction elements. Feedback from stakeholders and potential users is collected and used to refine the design further.


Visual Design

The visual design phase involves translating the client's brand identity and aesthetics into the digital experience. Designers work on the colour palette, typography, imagery, and other visual elements to create a cohesive and visually appealing interface. High-fidelity mockups are generated to showcase the final look and feel of the digital experience, ensuring alignment with your brand and resonating with the intended target audiences.


App and Digital Service Development

The development phase involves the actual coding and building of the digital tools. The appropriate technology stack is selected based on project requirements. Our developers create responsive and accessible systems to ensure seamless user experiences across various devices and browsers.


Testing and Quality Assurance

Before the app goes live, thorough testing and quality assurance are essential to identify and resolve any bugs, errors, or usability issues. The digital experience is tested on different devices, browsers, and operating systems to ensure cross-device and cross-browser compatibility. Additionally, accessibility standards are verified to ensure that the digital experience is inclusive and usable by all users.

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