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Digital transformation for social lending and ecommerce platform

Client Fair For You
Service areas App & digital service development
Digital experience design & website development
Key statistics
  • £1m+
    per month
    in lending to financially excluded families
  • 17x
    return on investment
    in terms of social outcomes for every £1 in lending

Fair for You is a socially-responsible lender providing affordable and manageable credit for household essentials, white goods and more to financially-excluded families in difficult situations.

They serve demographics whose circumstances mean they cannot access credit from mainstream financial institutions and would otherwise have to turn to unethical and aggressive lenders who charge exorbitant interest.

What did we do?

Suru led Fair for You through a wholesale transformation and modernisation of their customer-facing systems, radically improving the customer experience, systems reliability and flexibility to grow the organisational and social outcomes they can achieve.

Complete re-design of the customer experience & lending journeys

Fair for You’s digital experience felt antiquated and put barriers in front of customers, many of whom are trying to apply for loans in emergency situations.

We redesigned their customer-facing website and applications from the ground up to better support customers at each stage of their journey and improve the usability of the purchasing, applying and completion process.

Collaborative user story mapping
Exploring design directions for Fair for You website
Refreshing the logo and & brand colours
Increase in submitted loan applications

Thoughtful mobile-first design & copywriting coupled with a new modern, scalable architecture allowed Fair for You to increase their peak loan applications from 100 to 1,600 per day.

Our suppliers are delighted with the increased sales volume as a result of the new customer journey.

James Wilkinson, Head of Lending

Deep integrations with partners & powerful customer capabilities

Suru led, designed and implemented the coordination and integration of live product feeds from multiple supplier platforms with more than 7,000 separate SKUs, allowing Fair for You to provide a fully immersive e-commerce experience tightly integrated into suppliers’ systems and Fair for You’s lending process, yielding an enormous conversion uplift compared to the previous redirect-based integration with retailers.

Powerful self-service features significantly reduced inbound calls and manual work, and made it easier for customers to understand and manage their borrowing, giving them greater agency over their financial lives.

Scalable e-commerce solution

By designing a scalable e-commerce solution from the ground up, Suru delivered a platform that easily handled Fair for You's biggest ever product launch day and reliably supports customers browsing over 7,000 products from multiple suppliers.

Fair for You staff can dynamically map facets and categories from multiple suppliers, normalising data into a catalogue structure that works for their specific customer base.

Live stock feeds & stock control

Live stock feeds and stock control functions let Fair for You define thresholds for product availability to allow time for loan applications to complete. Deep integration with suppliers’ fulfilment and installation service systems provide a cohesive, end-to-end experience for customers.

Blazing-fast search returns

Blazing-fast search returns free-text results from the whole catalogue in under 100ms. High-performance architecture delivers fully-loaded web pages to customers, drawing information from multiple account services, the product catalogue, stock, pricing, basket and a complex content-management system in under a second.

Management interfaces for staff

Suru explored better ways for Fair for You staff to manage customers’ orders, loan applications and accounts with modern, fast, well-designed user interfaces that are as carefully designed as customer facing areas.

Process mapping & microservice system design

Throughout the project, Suru’s team of consultants led iterative rounds of process mapping and system architecture design to streamline business processes, identify automation opportunities and develop a robust, well-designed suite of autonomous micro-services to lead Fair for You into the future.

Throughout, we navigated the challenge of architecting a new set of autonomous services which Fair for You can rapidly and safely develop to add new features and evolve the customer journey whilst still integrating with a number of legacy systems that remain in place for the time being. Suru’s deep understanding of Fair for You’s customer experience and existing systems allowed our team to create such an architecture meaning Fair for You’s teams can already develop whole new products and experiences before having fully replaced legacy line of business systems.

Up-skilling development processes & modernising Fair for You’s platforms

A key goal of our work with Fair for You was to not simply modernise the customer experience and applications but to modernise how their teams work with technology and deliver software capabilities. To that end, our engineers put in place automated systems and development practices including TDD, DDD, feature flagging, continuous delivery and observability tools, training and coaching Fair for You's internal development team as we went.

Component-led UI

The user interfaces to fulfil Fair for You’s ambitions are complex with numerous permutations and states of customers, loans, cards, account balances, products, stock and the like. To manage this complexity, Suru created a well-documented, flexible design system driven by reusable, responsive components for use across marketing pages, e- commerce pages and hundreds of application screens.

Such a rich component system is a valuable asset for Fair for You, allowing them to rapidly create new products and experiences, assured that brand consistency and accessibility are baked in.

An interactive component explorer, always up to date as it’s deployed along with the main services with the continuous integration systems, allows developers and designers to try out components, permutations and real data to see how they work.

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