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17 May 2024 Want to get the most from your technology? Start with user experience, not IT.

All-in-one technology platforms sound appealing but can seriously harm your customer experience and stifle innovation. Instead, develop your technology stack around the customer for a more responsive digital organisation and a superior, differentiated customer experience.

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30 Mar 2024 A content strategy primer

Content created without a strategy tends to yield disparate content with no clear theme or purpose. This sort of content confuses your audience/customers/stakeholders and undermines your credibility. It's often also bland, generic content which simply isn't good enough these days.

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11 Jan 2024 Uncover the ‘when’ and ‘why’ of your technology with job stories

Too often the context and motivation of users is ignored when we design technology and ‘best practices’ from the world of design don’t always help. We’ve found in our work that user stories — the poster child of agile software development — really don’t help; job stories are much better.

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08 Dec 2023 Research methods for technology selection projects

When choosing technology for your organisation one must build a deep understanding of its people, objectives, pain points and processes. Interviewing a handful of stakeholders isn’t good enough. We use these seven techniques to build that understanding and ground technology projects in reality.

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16 Nov 2023 Common mistakes when choosing technology for your organisation

Common mistakes lead organisations to being restricted by their software, unable to innovate and seeing little return on their IT investment. Lacking a well-defined process and a focus on customer experience we often fall back on short cuts, not recognising the long-term costs we’re taking on.

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21 Sept 2023 Get it right the first time: How not to waste money on your digital tools

Every part of work is becoming digital, from marketing and communications to service delivery and HR, but organisations don’t always choose the right technology the first time round. Learn the human-centred process to guide your technology selection process and deliver a successful project.

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