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In any project having a plan is essential to ensure your resources both time and financial are used effectively and you achieve the outcomes that are most valuable to your organisation.

At Suru, our roadmapping process is the solid foundation on which our projects are built.

It gives everyone involved a clear pathway to achieving the desired outcomes.

What do you get from this?

  • Clear project direction so you don’t waste resources on ineffective projects

  • Effective criteria to underline what success looks like

  • Consensus amongst your key stakeholders

  • Increased chances of a successful project outcome

  • Clear roadmap and next steps

  • Reduction in wasted time and financial resources

We begin by running collaborative workshops and interviews to develop consensus about your requirements and key objectives. By specifying outcomes we avoid the danger of becoming fixated on specific software solutions or processes, or being led astray by impressive ‘demo-dazzle’ of features from software vendors you don’t need.

From these well defined outcomes we are able to paint scenarios of the processes within your organisation. These scenarios form the foundation in future stages of the project, not as a list of arbitrary features but as actionable deliverables that help you to identify solutions that genuinely fit your new needs.

It’s been great having Suru working on our behalf. Partnering with them released the pressure on our teams and has been a great help to us in the organisation. Communication with Suru is quick and easy; it feels like a partnership. I’m impressed.

Adam Lowe, Head of Mobilisation WEC

Our Roadmapping Process

Our roadmapping process is an efficient way of engaging stakeholders and defining the scope of a project without months of research and design.


Organisational Deep Dive

In order to design, build or choose the right technology we need to deeply understand your organisation, its aims, objectives, priorities, history and people. This step is key to our success and means we care deeply about finding the right tools to drive your mission forward.


Workshops & Interviews

Your organisation is built on people and processes. We will take time to talk to a range of people from your leadership through to your beneficiaries to build consensus, understand, empathise and reflect.


Audit & Documentation

Knowing the current situation is vital when looking to move forward. This step includes auditing your current systems, processes and data to ensure the project is fully informed and understands the real world reality of your technology needs.


Options Evaluation

Once we know what the organisation wants to achieve and where it currently is we can start to evaluate the pathways and options for the project.


Cost Benefit & Risk Analysis

With technology there are almost limitless possibilities in what can be achieved. This is the point at which we evaluate the cost benefit and possible risks to ensure you are investing in the right areas to achieve your organisations goals.


Project Planning and Next Steps

With the outcomes, options and cost benefits established we can move on to completing the roadmap. With an understanding of where effort is best placed we end the process with outlining the project timelines, costs and phases where appropriate.

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