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We help organisations take their digital strategy from early ideas to working software. We take time to deeply understand your organisation so we can design, build, select and configure applications that are well managed, grounded in your vision and truly effective.

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Digital consulting & project planning

Technology projects are risky. Many fail to deliver long-term value — sometimes they fail to launch at all. Key to reducing this risk is starting projects with a well-defined approach and a solid grounding in your organisation’s goals and strategy.

We help organisations at the early stages of digital initiatives to develop requirements based on research, not assumptions, design solutions that actually work and create programmes of work that keep projects on track.

Our Services

Bespoke applications & websites

We design and create bespoke applications and websites for complex organisations; projects which internal IT teams often lack the experience, capacity and skill set to deliver.

We pride ourselves on supporting our clients from initial discovery and business case development through to launch, evolution, decommissioning and everything in between.

As with all our work, we start the process with a period of strategy, assessment and planning to ensure that the solutions we build don’t just look good but are truly effective and valuable. We’ll help you build the business case, identify proper requirements and decompose the work into manageable chunks.

Our Services

Software selection consulting

Often, software you need already exists and can be purchased. The key is choosing correctly and knowing how to leverage it once you have it. Making your choice without a rigorous process is risky — poor software selection costs money, frustrates teams and slows you down. It’s all too easy to be taken in by software vendors’ hyperbole.

By equipping them with a practical methodology, we help organisations through the whole process from establishing a business case and identifying genuine requirements, through research and negotiating with suppliers and all the way to deployment, training and implementation.

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