Building collaboration: A new CRM system to bring WEC’s teams together

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WEC UK, a missionary-sending organisation with workers across the world, had a CRM system that just wasn’t working for them.

Only a few years after procurement, it still wasn’t living up to the vendor’s promises and wasn’t accessible to all of WEC staff.

What did we do?

WEC engaged Suru to solve the problem. In the process, we actually replaced their CRM with a modern cloud platform, added integrations with online data collection tools and re-engineered their processes along the way.

It’s been great having Suru working on our behalf. Partnering with them released the pressure on our teams and has been a great help to us in the organisation. Communication with Suru is quick and easy; it feels like a partnership. I’m impressed.

Adam Lowe, Head of Mobilising

Starting with analysis

Rather than jumping into product evaluations and requirements gathering, Suru began the project with a thorough overview of WEC’s processes by bringing all departments together and facilitating discovery workshops.

This deep analysis engaged stakeholders in the project and brought teams together who’d not fully understood each other’s processes before. The cross-departmental sessions yielded fantastic insights, not only for us but for WEC’s own staff who were subsequently able to re-imagine how their teams could collaborate better and how technology could make them more efficient.

Critically, we focussed these sessions on process, not data, which set the tone for the whole project: just having the right technology and access to the data isn’t enough; it’s got to actually fit how WEC do things.

Working together with Suru Partners has made such a difference to what we have achieved on this project so far. Having someone with both the technical expertise but who also understands us as an organisation has helped us to determine where our biggest needs are and how best to find solutions to meet them.

Adam Lowe, Head of Mobilising

New systems, new possibilities

Ultimately, our recommendation was that their existing CRM system wasn’t fit for purpose. Suru developed a business case for migrating to a new system and helped WEC’s board of trustees recognise the value that could be unlocked.

Suru subsequently led a competitive technology-selection process, using the processes and use-case scenarios uncovered in the discovery workshops to proactively test potential solutions (rather than relying on vendor demos and marketing promises).

Because we had taken the time to listen to what WEC wanted to achieve, not just what they thought their technology should do, we were able to re-engineer their processes to better utilise the new cloud-based CRM system we procured for them, making their processes more efficient and collaborative.

And, because we gained such a deep understanding of WEC, we were able to provide a system with flexibility for growth into other areas of WEC’s operations beyond core CRM and membership management such as events, youth camps and more.

Centralising data, saving time and optimising processes

Powerful Data Capture

A powerful online form system captures data directly into the new CRM, populating contacts, organisations, application forms and other workflow data.

Centralised Data

WEC can now manage their donor relationships, create data dashboards, facilitate their volunteer and member on-boarding processes, manage teams on the ground and store HR information in a single system with all data connected and easily accessible by their whole team.

Cost Effective

By negotiating with vendors and presenting a clear business case, Suru delivered a new system that’s both cheaper and provides access to more team members than their previous CRM.

360° Supporter View

Communications, personnel, mobilisation and member care were all integrated seamlessly giving a 360° view of WEC workers and their supporters, families and other contacts.

Secure Cloud-Based Solution

Suru worked with WEC’s policy and IT team to develop and build cross-departmental support for new protocols and policies that allowed WEC to use a cloud-based, collaborative system whilst protecting highly-secure and sensitive information about workers in dangerous locations.

Capacity Building

As well as expertise, Suru provided much-needed capacity for time-consuming selection, implementation and data migration, allowing WEC’s teams to continue with their day-to-day work.

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