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Single sign-on system for United Bible Societies

United Bible Societies manage a number of online properties from internal intranets to complex learning management and grant-making platforms. Users were becoming frustrated with a fragmenting ecosystem of UBS tools with a growing number of credentials to remember.

We planned, designed and developed a single sign-on system which improved user experience, connected applications and allowed UBS to tailor their services to individual needs.

The SSO system handles authentication for:

The SSO platform also integrates with Campaign Monitor meaning UBS can easily send bulk-emails which include links to protected resources and applications without requiring them to manually log in.

UBS can now onboard new staff onto multiple internal and external applications—and grant or revoke access to those properties—from a single interface.

The SSO system hasn’t just simplified the experience for UBS administrators and users. It’s also allowed UBS to take advantage of opportunities and rapidly create new applications for specific organisational needs. With the SSO system transparently and securely handling user identity, teams can independently create and procure applications without costly user onboarding and data migration; new applications are easily integrated with the SSO system giving users instant access.

Suru Partners lead the conception, design, development & rollout of the UBS SSO system. Our ongoing partnership has allowed UBS teams to connect new bespoke and third-party applications into the SSO system and transformed the way the organisation thinks about and implements digital systems.

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