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Resource bank for teachers & educators

Countryside Classroom is the largest partnership of its kind, bringing together organisations committed to helping children learn about food, farming and the natural environment.

We created a new information architecture for their bank of resources, designed content submission tools, developed an approval and curation platform and created an easy to use website powered by deep, rich-text search that gives instant access to over 3,000 resources.

Countryside Classroom was awarded two Silver W3 Awards: outstanding user experience and outstanding education website.

The Countryside Classroom partnership wanted to create a single online resource to help teachers and educators incorporate food, farming and the natural environment into their teaching, supported by experiences outside the classroom. The partnership was to invite organsations and others in the same space to submit resources, places to visit and people to ask and to be able to curate and approve the content on the Countryside Classroom.

As well as a beautifully crafted site, we developed an improved information architecture and mapped out the user journeys to ensure a seamless user experience. We developed a robust bespoke content management system that allowed the partnership full control over the materials and content on the site.

Search and filtering were very important to the site to ensure teachers could find relevant content quickly. We developed rich, fast full-text and category search features by embedding a comprehensive search engine — ElasticSearch — into the site which powers the core content delivery.

The work we conducted in researching the audience, producing an eye-catching design and developing a robust, elegant and simple user experience has helped to make Countryside Classroom a real success. The platform is also flexible and extendible meaning we’ve been able to continue working with the team to develop new features, content types and user experiences.

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