How to empower busy technology teams to drive Kingdom impact in your non-profit

28th September, 11 am to noon BST (see in your timezone)

Are your IT team overstretched maintaining your existing legacy systems? Does every new donor experience or delivery initiative seem to take months to launch? Is the vision of the organisation always seemingly held back by lack of IT capacity and ill-fitting systems?

In this webinar we'll walk you through processes, knowledge and systems we’ve put in place at non-profit clients to solve these challenges. The session isn’t focussed on any one specific tool or product; instead, you’ll learn principles that you can then apply in your specific situation to transform your technology team into agile value-creators who can drive Kingdom impact, helping your organisation adapt and capture new opportunities.

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Many IT teams spend the majority of their time maintaining and working around the limitations of legacy software rather than on growth initiatives meaning organisations fail to capture opportunities. Programme managers struggle to bring real transformation because new initiatives take longer than planned and often tie up even more precious IT capacity. As organisations grow and mature, the burden on IT grows and leadership find themselves needing more and more IT resource simply to maintain the status quo. All this holds back our ability to capture opportunities and respond quickly to the changing donor and partner landscape or the needs of staff and volunteers.

An effective technology team capable of delivering value in short, iterative cycles is one of the differentiating factors that sets the most impactful organisations apart. Given the right processes and applying the right knowledge and technology, IT teams can become the unifying force in your organisation, regularly delivering powerful services and outstanding donor and beneficiary experiences.

In this webinar we will look at the challenges and dynamics that hold back IT teams from delivering the sort of best-in-class systems that transform organisations into sector leaders and delight their stakeholders. We’ll then take you through the processes, knowledge and technology systems that will help you set up your IT team for success and turn them into agile and responsive value-creators who can drive growth and help your organisation adapt and capture new opportunities.

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